Tuesday, 22 January 2008

to iphone or not to iphone?

The iphone is probably the cutest phone out at the moment. It is very cute, it's easy to use, you can browse the net, check email, play games, use it as a spirit level, watch youtube on it, all sorts of things are available for it - so why haven't you got one?

They cost £269 which might put you off when you can get other similar capability phones for a lot less, or even free on some contracts, or thr £35 a month tarriff minimum on O2 fixed for 18 months?
The phone is fantastic - but the O2 network offers other phones on better tarriffs

On their simplicity tarriff you get for only £15 per month Our lowest ever Pay Monthly rate
With No long contract, 30 days notice and 200 UK mins and 400 UK texts

Whereas for the iphone's Monthly Subscription £35 you get 200 texts and 200 minutes - and you have to subscribe for 18 months. You do get Unlimited data and Wi-Fi bundles in the UK but it also says Wi-Fi will be subject to local charges and data will be subject to local roaming charges.

So is the deal with iphone not what you want? If you're a heavy phone user then the iphone isn't going to work out cheap for you. The 200 minutes free allowance would soon get used up.

O2 sell the blackberry which is available on a PAYG option - BlackBerry Pay As You Use Ideal for staying in touch via email or browsing the web occasionally. Just pay £2.70 per MB.**

With a choice of great phones such as the Nokia E90 which allows users to enjoy the benefits of BlackBerry push email, a range of voice features, Camera, One Touch keys, a built-in email client, all packed into a slim, stylish slide design.
  • Business grade email
  • 2 Megapixel camera
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Keep your mobile number and has free standard delivery
There are plenty of options out there which offer you the fun of email on the go in a phone - the iphone just happens to be really cute!

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